Writing Friends

In the spirit of Camp NaNoWriMo April 2018, I thought I’d talk to you about the importance of writing friends. Being in college as an English major I’ve met a lot of other writers who I consider really good friends.

My partner, Miss Josie, my best friend, Alex, and some other friends who are close to me and help me with my writing. I’m even friends with someone who’s working on her third novel, Mandi Lynn, and she is one of my biggest inspirations!

For me, as a writer, I can’t get anything done without feedback. I need people to bounce ideas off of, to read over chapters as I write them, and to overall encourage me to get my butt out of bed and hit the keyboard.

So here are some things that writing friends do for me:

1. They get me out of bed

I cannot tell you how many times a day I complain about doing anything other than napping. This includes writing because even though I enjoy it, I’d still rather nap. My friends are always there with encouraging texts when I know I should write, but a nap sounds so much better.

2. They bring me food

So, as a busy writer/college student sometimes I forget to eat. And sometimes my friends come to my dorm and make me mac and cheese so I don’t have to stop working (thanks Jasmine!)

3. They help me generate ideas

As a writer, idea generation is important, but sometimes one brain can’t do it all. My friends are always there to help with brainstorming, to bounce ideas off of, or just to validate something I came up with on my own.

4. They aren’t afraid to be honest about my work

Sometimes, it’s a lot easier to hear constructive criticism from your friends. Mine know if I hand them a draft I want them to read it as critically as possible so that it can get better.

5. At the end of the day they are my biggest fans (besides my parents and my sister)

Love you guys!


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