Brigid Downey

March 11, 2019

The Black Dagger Brotherhood: Lover Unbound | Book Review

This book contains explicit sexual scenes as well depictions and discussion of sexual assault.

Aw, man… Vicious. From interviews with J. R. Ward she mentions that Vicious is one of the hardest of the brothers for her to write. Apparently they don’t get along for some reason I have yet to find (but I want to know badly!) and I totally relate to this as a writer with a similar process. i.e. my character run around in my head, scream at me, and don’t ever do what I want or stick to their plot. (See The Black Dagger Brotherhood Insider’s Guide.)

But whatever rivalry Ward has with Vicious it doesn’t come through in the writing at all! It’s MUCH more raw than any of the others, but V is more of a raw character so that fits. Jane is… a firecracker. And the Scribe Virgin comes up a lot more and you understand the Fade and the mythology of the world in a lot more detail. (But the Scribe Virgin is still a bitch.)

This book is heartbreaking and beautiful and my only advice going in would be to have tissues and be prepared for your heart to be ripped out. In the best way possible! This is the type of book that puts you in a book coma, but also makes you grab for the next one so quickly and yo know you won’t be sleeping from turning pages.

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