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What Christmas Means to Me | Blogmas 2018 Day 24

Today, since I’ve talked about historical Christmas, my own traditions, and my Yule traditions, I thought I’d take a day to tell you all what this all means to me. Why is Christmas special to me? I’ve been thinking about it a lot this year being in a new place and having new traditions, both from my future in-laws and ones that Josie and I created together. I felt more Christmas spirit this past year than I have in a while and I think that’s because I’ve really taken a moment to ask myself which traditions mean more to me and which can change. 

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Happy Yule | Blogmas 2018 Day 21

As some of you may know I am pagan and even though I still celebrate Christmas I also celebrate a holiday called Yule. It happens every year on the winter solstice and is a pagan sabbat where we celebrate the shortest day of the year and the end of winter and coming of spring as the days start getting longer again. There are often giant feasts and rituals done on this day, but I’m going to go over some of the basic history and my own traditions.

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Snowglobe Collection | Blogmas 2018 Day 18

I started collecting snowglobes freshman year of high school because they felt like magic in my hand. I had gone through a lot of mental health and chronic illness issues that year and snowglobes were this simple thing that just made me smile. So here is my collection over the past eight years (minus 3 that got broken when I moved.)

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Etsy Gift Guide for Bookworms | Blogmas 2018 Day 13

A few days ago I talked about shopping small businesses for Christmas presents and it sparked a lot of conversation about Etsy as a selling place. Well, since this is a book blog, I combed through Etsy to find a few very adorable gifts for the bookworms in your life, and you can feel even better about buying them from small businesses and supporting all that they do! 

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Nerdy Advent Calenders | Blogmas 2018 Day 12

Last week I did a post all about unusual advent calendars, but the whole trend really kicked off a few years ago with nerdy advent calendars with favorite characters from Harry Potter and Star Wars to just nerdy themed items. I already mentioned a few in my last post, but I thought I’d take a deeper dive into more specific ones for that favorite nerd in your life (or you!)

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Favorite Christmas Movies | Blogmas 2018 Day 11

A few days ago I did my favorite Christmas themed books, but what we really look forward to during the holidays are Christmas movies. From the classics to the cheesy Hallmark movies it’s something that a lot of families look forward to every year and sometimes it’s even a very important tradition. So here are my top 10 Christmas movies (in order).

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4 Holiday Reads | Blogmas Day 9

A lot of us have holiday traditions, and as a reader and writer, I have a few book traditions, too. Some of these I’ve rediscovered recently, and some of them I read every year. Each one of these books means something significant to me during the holidays, either in the past or now, and I’m really excited to share them with you!

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