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April 14, 2019

Suzy Q’s and Downtown West Palm Beach | Travel Post

Hi dreamers!

This post is part of my travel series of when I went to Florida for Christmas 2018. Read more about it here.

One thing that I was really excited to do while we were in Florida was meet Josie’s friends! She’s met all of mine (with the exception of Miss Gracie who is always doing her environmental research abroad), but I’ve never met any of hers. I did however, have them all on social media so it was like meeting people I knew for the first time!

We met up at Suzy Q’s diner in Jupiter just outside of West Palm and this was my first inclination to how different Florida was from anywhere else I’ve ever been. It’s so flat you guys! I also promptly said as we pulled up to the plaza it was in “Does everything in Florida look like a luxury hotel?”

This was just a random building across the street from Suzy Q’s. It looks like a resort!

Suzy Q’s is owned by Josie’s friend, Steph’s, family and if you’re in the area, you gotta try it! I had the fish and chips and it was so good, the atmosphere is amazing and so welcoming, too.

A few days later I was back in downtown West Palm with Lily and Josie’s mom. This was one of the most fun days of my trip for me because we did SO much! I got to see Josie’s high school (that she was attending when we started dating) and we got to see all the huge yachts out on the water by the beach.

My favorite thing that we saw was Sandi the sandcastle Christmas tree. I remember my dad sending me an article about this about a month before our trip, but I had completely forgotten about it until we were riding in the trolly and I saw it. Guys, it’s huge! I got so excited Josie’s mom got us off on the next stop so I could go see it.

I remember them doing huge sand castle contests at Hampton Beach in New Hampshire when I was a kid. None of them were nearly as tall as Sandi, but it still brought that nostalgia back when I was a long way from home, with some new excitement, too!

Along the beach, there were even more sand sculptures. My favorite was the Beatles themed one because it reminded me of my dad.

Do you live in or have ever been to West Palm, what was your favorite thing to see? Have you ever been there during the holidays and seen Sandi? Let me know in the comments!

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