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May 28, 2019

The Superlatives Book Tag!

Hi Dreamers!

It’s graduation season and with that comes yearbook superlatives! So in true book blogger fashion and in honor of my sister’s high school graduation this Thursday and Josie’s sister’s high school graduation last week I’m doing the Book Superlatives Book Tag!

This tag was created by Chelsea on Youtube, but I found it through Heather at The Frozen Library. Go check out both of them!

Here we go:


1. Best Dressed: A book with a beautiful cover


If you’ve been a long time reader of the blog you’d know I’m a huge fan of Tamora Pierce! Tempests and Slaughter has a gorgeous cover and though I haven’t read it yet, despite owning it since it’s release date, it definitely has made its appearances on the blog and Instagram.

2. Class Clown: A book that made you lol

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I read Paper Towns by John Green years and years ago, but I remember it making me laugh out loud. John Green is one of my favorite authors, but I feel like I haven’t read him lately and I probably should. I’ll just add Turtles All the Way Down to my TBR pile now…

3. Cutest Couple: A book that features your favorite OTP

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I know you’re all very sick of me talking about the Black Dagger Brotherhood, but I’m sorry it’s a long series and I can’t stop screaming about it I love them so much! Lover At Last is by far my favorite because I love Quinn and Blay!

[Recommended: Black Dagger Brotherhood Reviews]

4. Nicest Car: The most expensive book you own

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This book is nearly $30 on Amazon! It was a gift and is one of my favorite collector’s copies of books I own. The pages are gold and it contains original illustrations and some poems and short stories Lewis Carroll wrote for the Wonderland Universe that were never published.

5. Worst Car: A book with a bad cover but still a solid story that took you for a ride

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I’ve never liked this cover. Probably because I hate neon, especially green and yellow neon. This is my favorite book of all time, though!

6. Biggest Nerd: The nerdiest book you own

[book-info number=”6″]

This was also a gift from my mom! This book is so cool because it contains wicked interesting pages and facts. For example there’s a whole page that has half of it redacted because it’s for U.N.I.T. Allons-y!

7. Most Likely to Be Late: A book that is under hyped and you are still waiting for the fandom to arrive

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Full disclosure: I received this book as an ARC that I never actually reviewed. But I really loved the book! I just got… VERY busy in October. This book is so amazing and I’m not just saying that because I’m a witch. I just need people to scream over it with me!

8. Most Likely to Succeed: A first book in a series that is going places

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I don’t think it’s possible for me to stop screaming about We Set the Dark on Fire! I cannot wait for the next one and I’m crying just thinking about it! For all the reasons why this book is the best book I’ve read this year check my review here.

9. Most Athletic: The biggest book you own (physical size or page length)

[book-info number=”9″]

I really like Edgar Allen Poe. That’s the only explanation I have for you.

10. Most Intellectual: The most thought-provoking book you’ve read

[book-info number=”10″]

I read this book in school for my undergrad program before the TV show came out. As most of the stuff I read in undergrad it made me think, but this one stuck with me. I think it did because I read it nearly a month after the 2016 election.

11. Best All Around: A book or series that you will always recommend to anyone

[book-info number=”11″]

I read this book in elementary school and it has stayed with me since. I love this book and it’s definitely a top five for me.

What would your answers be? Consider yourself tagged and let me know what your superlatives are!

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2 Comments on “The Superlatives Book Tag!

Heather @ The Frozen Library
May 28, 2019 at 7:31 pm

Awe thanks for doing this tag and mentioning me! 🙂

Brigid Downey
May 30, 2019 at 11:08 am

Of course!


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