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December 19, 2018

Snowglobe Collection | Blogmas 2018 Day 18

Hi guys! I’m sorry this post is so late today and it’s probably the 19th for some of you right now, but it was super important to me to make a video to go along with this so you could hear and see the snowglobes in action. This was an adventure! When I went to go film I found out I may have thrown away my camera charger when I moved thinking it went to an older charger so I had to go buy a new one. Shout out to Josie for giving me the living room to film the video and I’m apologizing ahead of time for the quality. Maybe someday I will be a high-quality booktuber, today is not that day with my little point and shoot camera! (I really want to save up for a good camera and software though because I’d love to make more videos.)

All the same information in the video is laid out in this post a lot more eloquently, and really the video was just so you could hear the music and see the snowfall. HEADPHONE WARNING! Some of the music box notes can be a bit abrasive if you’re wearing headphones!

Now we are here! My blog post about my snowglobe collection! I started collecting snowglobes freshman year of high school because they felt like magic in my hand. I had gone through a lot of mental health and chronic illness issues that year and snowglobes were this simple thing that just made me smile. So here is my collection over the past eight years (minus 3 that got broken when I moved.)

Christmas Snowglobes

These are just three snowglobes I got one Christmas from CVS for $10 each. They all play “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” and they’ve all started sounding demented and creepy.

Penguin Snowglobe

This is my favorite Christmas snowglobe because I love penguins! It plays “Jingle Bells” and has glitter both in the globe and at the bottom of the base so of course it’s my favorite!

Mini Snowglobes

This is my collection of miniature snowglobes that don’t play music. One is another Christmas one and the other is from, Canobie Lake Park, an amusement park from my childhood. I love carousels so it’s a carousel horse with a little bow.

Nutcracker Snowglobe

This snowglobe is of the sugarplum fairy from The Nutcracker which means a lot to me as I did dance for most of my life. I always wanted to be the sugarplum fairy, but I was born with problems in my legs and ankles so I will never be able to be on pointe. But I like to think of this snowglobe as me as the sugar plum fairy. It plays “The Nutcracker Suite.”


This is the first of my Things Remembered snowglobes and it was given to me by my mother in 2013. I picked this one out and it features a Cardinal and the engraving “You will always be my little girl. Love, Mom” It plays “Songbird” and was part of the Make a Wish Foundation collection so part of the proceeds for it went to the Make a Wish Foundation! My favorite part of the snowglobe is the swirls on the base!


This one was my snowglobe for Christmas in 2012 and it has the mam bear holding the baby bear. The engraving says “Brigid, Love you always, Mom” It plays “Born Free” which might be one of my favorite songs from my snowglobes.


My butterflies are my most favorite snowglobe, and the first one that I got in my collection. My first year of high school I had a lot of mental health issues and was a part of The Butterfly Project (link here to what that is). Butterflies became a symbol of hope for me and my loved ones trying to help me through my rough patch. the engraving on this one says “Brigid, Always follow your dreams” and I cried when I opened it. It plays “The Flower song.”

Do you have any snowglobes or any other cool collections? Let me know in the comments!

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That Unique* Weblog
December 19, 2018 at 10:03 am

I love these! My favorite is definitely the cardinal. So beautiful!

December 19, 2018 at 10:07 am

Thank you!


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