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Small Business Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are coming! And normally I’m very much a no-Christmas-until-Black-Friday kind of person, but this year there is a ongoing issue with shipping delays and labor shortage. This doesn’t mean panic! It does mean that we should be shopping earlier than Black Friday. 

If you’ve been following for awhile you know that I love supporting small businesses and especially diverse businesses so I wanted to start a resource of my favorite small businesses that I’ll keep adding to so it can be shared over and over again and these businesses can get some love. Feel free to add your favorite in the comments and I’ll check them out! 

Art, Stickers, & Prints


Emily has been so good to us! 

She’s done a ton of our favorite Taylor Swift inspired designs and we honestly buy a lot from her. She’s also really amazing at doing customizations and Josie even got a gorgeous wedding print of us. 

A lot of the prints we have displayed in our office are Ekelleydesigns. 

Water of Whimsy

Water of Whimsy makes cute witchy stickers and prints. I absolutely love her designs and always bring my “This Witch Shops Local” Tote bag to the farmer’s market! 

I also love putting her stickers in my Book of Shadows and notes on deities and I really appreciate how she does a lot of plus size character designs. 

Regan’s also super sweet and I need to save up to buy more things!

Bookish Shops


Fandom candles! Look I’m a witch I love candles and books. 

I love getting the Black Dagger Brotherhood candles from here. I have the Qhuinn and Blay ones and I put them on when I just need that escape and to feel protected by my boys (yes I am gay don’t judge me). 

They also have Outlander, Game of Thornes, and all around bookish vibe candles! 

Room of Ones Own Bookstore

This one has gotten a little viral for their activism for social justice in the last year, but I had to include them because they’re based here in Madison! 

They’ve always been great about promoting diverse books and they have a pretty fun social media presence, too. 

Shire Post Mint

Okay, these are cool. I won a few of their pieces a few years ago for their Game of Thrones collection in and Out of Print Giveaway. Imagine owning what currency would look like in your favorite fiction universe. 

Some of these are based on books, TV, and other fandoms, and some are just made up. A perfect gift for your favorite nerd. Also would be amazing for DND players or LARPers! 


Love, Angelina Shop

Josie tends to like embroidery more than my vinyl creations so finding a shop that does Taylor Swift inspired designs on embroidered sweatshirts was life changing. 

Their sweatshirts are super soft and Josie honestly wears hers all the time in the fall and winter! These would make a great gift for a Taylor Swift fan who needs some new cozy loungewear. 

Madeline's Embroidery

Like I said above, Josie loves embroidery so we buy from a lot of embroidery shops. She really likes the way this shop does stitching along the collar and these are also super soft. 

Jewelry & Hair Accessories

Autumn Aurelia

I’ve never bought from this one, but it was recommended by one of my Instagram followers @writeranastasia26. 

The jewelry is really cute and has a modern, whimsical feel if you know some one who that’s their style! I really like their moon pieces and may have to get some soon! 

Bizzy B Crafts

This is also one I’ve never bought from but was recommended to me when I asked on Instagram! 

This shop was recommended by @_endotique and I’m really excited about theses! Josie wears headbands like these a lot so I’m adding that to her stocking (Josie forget you read that) and I want the cute Christmas plaid ones for me! (If you didn’t know I’m absolutely obsessed with plaid!) 

The owner is doing a drop of her holiday collection on November 13th so make sure you’re in there when she does!

Tori's Trinkets

Tori is local and I just discovered her stuff at a fall market and had to get some moon phase earrings. I have a whole list of more on my Christmas list that I want to snatch up! 

Occult & Magick


This one was recommended by @ashleybuzzeo on Instagram. They seem to do  divination readings but I’ve never had one done from them. Booking info is in their pinned memories. 

Cosmic Delights

This is one of my favorite local Occult Shops! They do ship and I’m always in here! Staff is friendly and they rotate their stock pretty often. Plus, their rewards system is pretty good! 

Mimosa Spirit

This is another occult shop that’s local to me, but they’ve gone mostly online since the beginning of the pandemic. So if you are local you need to make an appointment to shop their stock in store. 

This one was recommended to me by a coworker but I only got to go a few times before they moved digital and I’m excited for them to open back up again! 

River Oracle

Queer owned! 

This is my good internet friend Christina who does really good tarot readings. She’s done a couple for me in the past few weeks and they were really helpful! She’s just started getting her professional practice off the ground so go give her some love! 

(She also sometimes does small story readings if you can catch her when she’s doing them!) 


The Soap Opera

Local to Madison this place is kinda awesome! I get a lot of my essencial oils here and they can add them to any kind of lotion you can think of! I also get CBD lotion here for my chronic pain which works really well.

They do ship, but if you’re local I recommend going in and talking to them about doing a custom blend! 

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