Brigid Downey

September 6, 2019

Skyway Drive-In | Door County 2019: Part 2

Hi Dreamers! As many of you know already, Josie and I took our first romantic getaway at the beginning of August to Door County, WI. After our trek to the lighthouse, we went back and chilled at our hotel (I took a long nap) before heading out to the Skyway Drive-In Theatre.

The Skyway Drive-In Theatre was on my top things to do when looking up attractions in Door County. Existing since 1950, it’s one of the oldest original drive-ins still standing in Wisconsin. The theatre has been passed down through the family for generations and is definitely a hidden gem.

They’ve updated the technology, but the nostalgia stands. Before the movie, you can look forward to original advertisements from the 50’s and even find some nostalgic and local treats in the concession stand. We picked to stay in the first 4 rows so we got one of the speakers that attach to your car, but if you don’t get one of those spots you can tune your car radio and hear the movie through your own speakers. If you get there early enough to get a good spot kids can enjoy the playground at the front near the screen so they’re not fussy.

But the best part we found was the classic double feature. We saw The new Lion King (the live-action one) and Toy Story 4 in the same month they were released for $9 total! ($18 for both of us) We were blown away by the staff, quality of new blockbusters (this Halloween they’re doing the new IT and the new Anabelle) and the overall detail in capturing the nostalgia.

Whether you just love watching your movies outdoors, love experiencing culture and history, or are looking to remember your childhood the Skyway Drive-in is the place to do it. It was romantic and absolutely perfect, but if you go in the summer– bring bug spray!

Have you ever been to a drive-in? Would you like to go to one someday?

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