Spires Literary Journal


The Spires Literary Journal at MCLA is the school’s undergraduate journal featuring poetry, short fiction, and artwork done by undergraduate students. 

I was with Spires for one academic school year as their Webmaster. As part of this role I also served on the editorial board.  

Current Webpage: https://www.mclaspires.com/

My Published Poems: https://www.mclaspires.com/blog-1/tag/Brigid-Downey


I was brought onto Spires during the 2017-2018 school year to be their Webmaster. My main job was to redesign the website to be more modern and functional. Normally, I would recommend an organization use WordPress, but the move to WiX was very deliberate for a few reasons: I was only on the project for a year, the journal didn’t want to use computer science students as they wanted to keep the theme of the magazine within the club, and no one knew how to code or use advanced WordPress plugins. 

I moved the site to WiX because it’s an easy to use drag and drop platform that students could be trained to use year after year. The site looks very different now than when I designed it because they are able to make it their own.

On top of the redesign I optimized the site for SEO and archived every piece of student work and authors in residence from 2015-2018. 

Editorial Board

Part of being webmaster at Spires was also serving on the Editorial Board. Here I helped to make design decisions on the annual print magazine. We also looked at submissions anonymously and voted on if they would be accepted or not. Because of the magazine re-brand we were able to have a selection of online exclusive work that I was in charge of. 

I had two poems accepted for this magazine addition as well. 

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