Safety Net

Written Spring 2011

Late-night study sessions have her asking

‘Why do you look perfect at three in the morning?’

I smile and shrug, her eyes glitter as she laughs

This question comes up weekly

The great mystery

How perfect my yarn ball of hair is

How perfect my over-large nose is

I open my arms inviting her in 

She’s afraid of a lot–None of it’s the dark

Her chest rises and falls–she asks ‘why… why me?’

I falter for a minute why… why not?

I tell her she’s the perfect one

she shakes her head 

Her hair falling over her face

In brown ribbons

I kiss her forehead then her nose… Her skin is so familiar

like my favorite hoodie 

it smells like her perfume

I’d know it anywhere

She’s warm against me

I wrap my arms around her waist

It feels like… I’m me again

All my flaws have disappeared

because she doesn’t see them… and she doesn’t care

We’ve created our own world in this space

Where shes safe and I’m not broken

I’ll twist her hair into golden braids as her eyes flash in amusement

And that sends a lightning bolt through my chest and through my nerves

Because I made that happen…. she’s finally happy because I was right for once

Shell push the books closed with her chipped purple toes

Then push me down on my back to cuddle into my chest

I’ll hold her keep her safe and vice versa

Until we both are dreaming… of each other

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