Inward Iris


Inward Iris is a lifestyle blog focusing on commentary and reviews of pop culture and media. I designed the site for my friend and colleague, Alexis, to house her writing. I still actively maintain the site for her as well as designing her graphics and editing her posts. 

Website Design

The design of this website was done on a free hosted WordPress site. The template was a free one that I tweaked at the request of Alexis to keep costs down. IT was decided that she didn’t need a full self-hosted site yet so we kept it simple on WordPress. I chose the design to incorporate the trans pride colors in a subtle way as that’s an important theme to her. I also chose more typewriter reminiscent typography to suit her more artsy writing style. The blog is meant to have an artsy feel while still making it modern.  

Graphics and Photography

I design all of Alexis’s blog graphics to suit the post, give an overall cohesive feel, and to really let her writing shine and not distract from it. After I edit and format her posts I make a graphic for her then resize it and send her the folder for social media promotion. Since she mainly promotes on her personal social media I don’t post directly, but rather make suggestions and provide guidance similar to a consulting role. 


I’m the primary editor for Alexis’s content. When she finishes a post she let’s me know and I go in to edit, format, and put in traditional blog things like a call to action, images, etc. I then send it back to her to make sure she likes it before it gets posted. 

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