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October 6, 2019

October 2019 Planner Post

Hi dreamers! 

I haven’t done a planner post in awhile and I have a HUGE haul for you guys! I’ve been picking up a lot of planner stuff and I honestly don’t know where to start. First, if you want a video version of this haul let me know. Second, if I show you something I’ve showed you before I’m sorry, it’s been awhile. 

Wedding Planner

I think I want to start with my favorite planner, my new wedding planner! For those who don’t know Josie and I got engaged about 4 weeks ago! Me being me, the same day I bought a wedding planner. I got it at Michael’s and I’m pretty much in love with it. Because it’s in a big two inch binder I can add my own pages to it. Which is great because they have extra online pages you can print for guest lists, and seating charts, and anything else you might need extra pages for.

It also means I can Frankenstein my own planner from ones I like online and ones I make myself. Which, when you’re planning a non-traditional same-sex wedding sometimes that’s exactly what you need. I like all my planners to be completely customization and DIY.

I picked the online planners by Kennedy Blue and Happily Ever After Etc. to customize my new binder and now I’m all set to plan my dream wedding!

Blog Planner

I got this little planner from Aldi, but it’s pretty much a Happy Planner. I’ve wanted a Happy Planner for awhile and I’m having some fun with this one. I might get some of the refills and use it through the new year. I think there’s even a wedding refill! I love how at the beginning of each moth there are little goal sheets and they’re pretty awesome for someone who’s got big plans like me!

I also got this little weekly planner that I really haven’t had a chance to play with, but might be a huge asset with some new projects that are coming up. I’m a huge list person and this is basically create your own daily to-do lists in a folder. I’m here for it.

Stickers, Stamps, and Stencils. Oh my!

These can be amazing time savers when you’re making big master lists or some of the same pages in either a planner or a bullet journal. I’ve found a few really cheap, mostly from Walmart, but also from 5 Below and Michaels. Some I bought a while a go, but I will try to remember where I got them for you.


I got these little stencils from Walmart and I honestly keep scouring for more every time I got in there. They are so cute and I really do love using them for everything. I even use them just to doodle.


I got these at 5 Below and they actually matched some other ones I had, but were obviously way cheaper.

I also found this little pack at Walmart which is stepping up their planner game let me tell you! They really cute for the price I paid for them and I’m kind of in love. The only issue is I have so many stickers now that I totally keep forgetting I have these.

What are your favorite planner items this month?

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