New Faces Help Spires Push Ahead

April 23, 2018

“And this year’s journal has a renewed focus on its website, mclaspires.com, which is entering its second year since it was relaunched. This year’s publication will publish seven pieces of web-exclusive content alongside the print journal. The website allows Spires to branch out from the limitations of the print journal, where competition is fierce.

The website is led by another new face in a new position, Spires webmaster Brigid Downey.

“I work as a webmaster for Spires designing and maintaining the website,” Downey said. “The deadlines vary week by week as this is a fairly new position and Prof. Finch needs to see what’s possible to be done in a week. Ideally, we hope to be at the point where we can post three to five new works a week in the next few years.”

In the new position of webmaster, Downey has built off of the website established last semester, tightening it up to improve navigation, while also creating an archive of previous editions of Spires – which is now available to view.

“I archive the old work, design the site, make sure everything looks good on mobile, and update the visiting writers and events pages as people send me new things,” Downey explained. “My day varies as it depends what I have in my inbox to do. Somedays will be working out design kinks, some days are hours of mindlessly archiving and updating information in front of Netflix, and some days are really fun because I get to build different parts of the website and be really creative.”

Downey’s main task ahead is preparing the online publication of all of the content associated with “Spires Twenty Eighteen,” whether it will appear in print of not. The journal hopes to launch the journal and its online content on Reading Day, which is Tueday, May 1.” 

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