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July 20, 2018

My Top 5 Favorite Things in Boston

Hi guys!

So as many of you may know, last weekend I moved from Boston, MA all the way to Madison, WI to be with my long distance girlfriend of 6 years, finally! (Check out her blog here!)

It’s why I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus, and I can’t wait to give you guys a tour of my new office once it’s set up, but until then, I wanted to tell you guys about some of my favorite things to do in Boston and things I’ll miss!

5. Walking around

This one sounds super silly, but I’ve always loved just walking around or driving through Boston. I’m sure I’ll do it again when I go home to visit family, but I’ll miss the ability to just get on a buss or in a car and be in the heart of the city in under an hour! Boston has this vibe that I will miss with all my heart and though I often describe Madison as a tiny Boston, nothing compares to the feeling of looking up at the massive skyscrapers from the sidewalk and feeling so small in the best way possible.

4. Fresh Seafood

So, I’m not a big seafood person… however, I love shrimp, crab, lobstah (the only real way to say it), and a few other dishes made with seafood. I think the biggest comfort food I’m going to miss being in the midwest is Boston Chowda Co.’s Boston Clam Chowder. Specifically that soup place because I grew up on it and to me their chowder is perfection! Next time you’re in Massachusetts you should have some and thank me later! But seriously, I know I could make some and I know there’s seafood everywhere, but nothing compares to getting it fresh off the boat… nothing.

3. Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market

So arguably, one of my favorite spots to just be in Boston is outside Faneuil Hall and Qunicy Market. There’s so many shops and things to do… there’s a mac and cheese place with homemade lobster mac and cheese!… there’s bars and night life and street performers and it’s just amazing to sit and people watch. (Also, the Boston Chowda Co… yeah they have a location there!) To me that is the heart and soul of what Boston means to me is in that square. (Also there’s a Newbury Comics, and if you don’t know what that is just know it’s nerd heaven!)

2. The history

I’ve always been a huge history nerd, and I will miss living near the heart of where so much history is. Some places in Boston you can go and stand and just feel the history radiating from the Earth. It’s a very, very unique feeling that I’m not sure I’ll find anywhere else.

1. Events

Since I was little we always went into Boston for huge events. We went for sports games, parades, the Boston ballet, plays and concerts and various shows. Boston became a place to go for special occasions in my head even though we only lived about 20 mins outside the city. There was always excitement attached to it and I love that feeling and cherish it even at 22 years-old. Two of my favorite events in my adult years have been Anime Boston and the Boston Pride Parades.

I made lots of memories in Boston, I met Josie there, I went to my first Pride parade there, I went to my first nerd convention there and showed off some of my first cosplays, I went to my first concert there and my first sports game, I basically grew up there. I will always make time to go back and visit the city that stole my heart. I will always be loud and rash, I will always be a Patriots fan, I will (hopefully) keep my accent, and I will always miss fresh clam chowder.

Madison may be my new adventure, but Boston will forever be my home and if you ever find yourself there don’t take your time there for granted because it is truly a very special city.

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