Social Media 80%
Content Management 90%
Graphic Design 60%
Video Production 55%
Writing & Editing 90%
Web Management and Design 70%

Brigid Downey is a Brand and Marketing Professional focused on telling stories in new and creative ways to generate authentic engagement. After spending her early career focused on writing and content creation she’s passionate about getting voices heard and creating meaningful interactions between people both in the business sphere and in every day life.

In addition to running her own blog for over 8 years, Brigid has been published in Her Campus Magazine and Dairy Girl Network; and has guest posted or been featured on several blogs.

Brigid holds a BA in English and communications from the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. She also holds a HubSpot Certification in Social Media Inbound Marketing.

To contact me about a project or job opportunity please email: [email protected]

Featured Projects

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