March 4, 2019

The Black Dagger Brotherhood: Lover Revealed | Book Review

Hi Dreamers!

I’m chugging along in this series and may break it up to read We Set the Dark on Fire which just came out last week! As I’m writing this I’m reading three books ahead so just keep that in mind. I’m also thinking of making a few posts soon that just list these longer series and link back to my reviews for them if that would be helpful to anyone. I like lists so let me know in the comments!

Content warning for this one is graphic sex scenes.

Well. Hot. Damn! J.R. Ward has done it again and made me absolutely fall head over heels for her characters. Now to be fair, I have a huge soft spot for Butch. He grew up in Boston just like I did and a lot of the things he talks about in this book about his childhood and things he remembers about the city make me really nostalgic. I moved to Wisconsin about a half a year ago and every time Butch opens his mouth and J. R. Ward puts in the inflections if his accent (i. e. “wicked smaht“) I’m taken back home in a heartbeat.

He talks about the Hood brand milk in the fridge and Red Sox players names I grew up hearing (Big Papi anyone?). So yeah, I have a huge soft spot for the cop because I needed that feeling of home that J. R. Ward created for me every time she would talk about Southie.

The other interesting thing about this one is that Butch and Marissa have been set up since the first book. They’re characters we’ve now known for 4 books and we’ve already read scenes within their point of view thanks to J. R. Ward’s amazing multiple POV style. That creates this comfortable sense of familiarity between Butch and Marissa because we know them and we’ve settled into this world that Ward has guided us into.

And then she gives us one hell of a plot twist. No spoilers, but your sense of the world and what you know of it will flip… on it’s head.

All in all Butch’s book was full of nostalgia for me and made me feel warm and fuzzy inside in a way a book hasn’t made me feel in quite sometime.

Have any of you guys read this series? If so who’s your favorite brother so far? Let me know in the comments!

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(I definitely think I’m going to make a List post because this is becoming too much at the end of each post!)

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