April 8, 2019

Lover Enshrined: Black Dagger Brotherhood | Book Review

Hi dreamers!

We’re chugging right along with my favorite boys and this one is so sweet! As always I’m about five books ahead reading-wise so bear with me. I’m going to try to get the rest of my reviews caught up and scheduled this weekend though! I’m averaging about a book a week at this point so I should be done…. mid-August maybe. This is a long series!

Since we’re really into this series at this point and a lot of these characters have a lot of trauma I’m just going to blanket statement a content warning for sexual assault, violence, addiction, alcohol, drugs, graphic sexual scenes, death, and blood.

So Phury and Cormia… !!!!!!

Heavy content warning for addiction including in this post because it’s impossible to talk about Phury and not talk about the male’s drug addiction to the red smoke. Now I’ve looked up the red smoke (as I’ve never done worse than weed (once), alcohol, and caffeine so I’m not well versed in drugs at all) it doesn’t exist in the real world. They mention in one of the previous books that it’s supposedly safer than weed, but whatever it is it’s purely a product of J. R. Ward’s mind.

A lot of this book takes place in Phury’s head and his need to escape using drugs. the book also mentions heroin as one of Phury’s attempts to escape his own mind. It had a VERY different feel to the rest of the series because instead of the brotherly love we feel with other characters’ books, Phury alienates himself from everyone. He’s losing everything and Ward does an excellent job of showing us how addiction works and how heartbreaking it can be.

Cormia on the other hand, has been brought to the Borther’s world and dropped to her own devices by Phury. He believes he isn’t good enough for her, but now he has a duty to her. So his addled brain solution (have I mentioned how bird brained these boys can be???) is to not communicate anything to anyone and leave Cormia in a guest bedroom in the Borther’s mansion.

In typical Black Dagger Brotherhood fashion miscommunication leads to a ton of angst that breaks my heart. When I read these books I look at Josie every five pages and just scream “Why are they so stupid!”

All-in-all, not my absolute favorite brotherhood book mostly because I can’t relate to Phury as much as the other brothers (Z and Rhage remain my favorites), but still worthy of being a dang good Brotherhood book. Once Phury and Cormia do get together their relationship is so much sweeter and purer than a lot of the other ones we’ve seen so far. I think that has a lot to do with who Cormia is. She’s strong, but she’s a softer kind of strong and it’s very sweet.

What book are you reading this week?

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