Brigid Downey

December 19, 2018

Letter to Santa | Blogmas 2018 Day 19

Dear Santa,

I know I haven’t written in a while. I remember writing to you even when I was sixteen so my little cousins would think it was cool to help me write their letters. I miss them a lot being out here in Wisconsin, please be good to them this year, they deserve it! 

This year for Christmas, unfortunately, I want a lot of things that you can’t bring me. Since I’ve moved to Wisconsin I’ve found I enjoy experience and memories a lot more than material items, but I’m going to list my Christmas wishes anyway in hopes that they will come true.

A Job

A think the only thing I really want this year is a job. I have my degree and my gorgeous girlfriend and the only thing holding me back right now is being unemployed. I’m so thankful for the support this little blog has gotten in the last few weeks, but I want it to be so much more and I need money for that 🙂 So, put a good word in with the elves because I would be happy to be your PR manager! 

Happiness (for myself and those around me)

I’ve been a lot happier lately as a result of this blog, my internship, Josie, and being in Wisconsin. So many great things are happening all the time and my health is so much better! I hope that my happiness keeps going and for my girlfriend and both of our families, for my friends who I miss dearly, and my new book blogger community I wish a fantastic 2019! I feel like 2018 was such a hard year for everyone and I’m praying for a better one next year! 

More books!

Okay, this one you could bring, but as a book blog I can’t not say it. I’m so excited for a lot of releases in 2019 and I can’t wait to go and buy them and cuddle up with them and a mug of tea! 

I guess my Christmas list this year is to just keep on this positive run that I’m on for as long as possible! I’ve felt so happy and loved these past few months and I never want it to end. 

I hope you’re having a lovely Christmas and I’ll leave out cookie from Florida.


Brigid XOXO

What would your letter to Santa look like? 

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