Brigid Downey

June 29, 2018

In Defense of Rainbow Mickey Ears

Last month Disney released their Rainbow Love Mickey Ears from the new Rainbow Mickey Collection.

(image from elitedaily)

Some people absolutely loved this new development (me included).

But some other people were less than thrilled with the company’s decision, for a different reason then you might think.

The ultimately controversial move by Disney was met with backlash from people claiming that they were only doing it for the money. Claiming Disney has never done anything for the LGBT community and overall dragging the company through the mud.

The thing is, Disney has had LGBT characters and has been one of the biggest supporters of the LGBT community since the beginning (albeit quiet supporters, but supporters nonetheless).

Disney’s “Gay Days” though not officially sanctioned by the company has been one of the biggest Pride events for some couples every year since 1991. Though Disney does not officially recognize the event, they’ve also never done anything to stop it leading to some protests and boycotts, ultimately losing them money from families who felt that they weren’t “family friendly” enough anymore.

Disney has also been an accepting wedding venue for same-sex couples since 2007, long before same-sex marriage was even legal in Florida.

Disney had their first gay couple on TV in 2014 on the show Good Luck Charlie.

In the new Beauty and the Beast remake, Disney came under extreme repercussions from foreign countries and even here in the US for having a “gay scene.” Many theaters tried to make a deal with Disney to censor the scenes and Disney refused. They chose to lose money at the box office than censor a 3-second scene where two men danced together.

Disney has worked hard to keep their “family friendly” image as it’s the basis of their brand and with the rising fight for LGBT rights this couldn’t have been an easy stand to take. I will continue to applaud any company that chooses to stand with the LGBT community. Shunning allies doesn’t help us gain any ground in the long run.

As a lesbian and a huge Disney fan, I am loving my new rainbow mickey ears!

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