Brigid Downey

Hi there, I’m Brigid and I’m a blogger and marketing manager. I grew up in Boston surrounded by books and a desire to put my whole heart into everything I take on. In my undergraduate program at MCLA, I was a research conference speaker and held leadership roles as part of Her Campus, the Spires Literary Magazine, and the Sigma Tau Delta Honor Society. I was also inducted into the National Society of Leadership and Success. And finally, as part of my senior year, I was a finalist for the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Challenge for my business plan to help women with PCOS and Endometriosis. I graduated from MCLA with a major in English Communications and a minor in Business Administration.

Currently, I run my own lifestyle blog at where I write about books, my own writing, beauty, body-positive topics, current events, and more. 

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Adele, Body Image, and Body Positivity

Adele posted this beautiful message for first responders and essential workers on her birthday and the world ignored that very important and kind message and made it about her body.

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