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December 5, 2018

For Writers: Gift Guide | Blogmas 2018 Day 5

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Writers can be very strange and peculiar people with odd ways of doing things and strange habits that all go back into our creative process. You might have a writer in your life that you love very dearly, but when it comes to buying gifts for them you have no idea where to start! 

Here are some gift ideas the writer in your life will love!  

New Notebook

It’s no secret the writers love notebooks that we hardly ever use. The prettier the better! Sometimes we jot thoughts and storylines in them, sometimes we just put them on a shelf and admire them because they’re too pretty and you must find the perfect thing to write in them! You’re aiming to buy your writer the one that doesn’t get written in that’s the most prized one! (And if yours does get written in just know that your gift helped your writer organize their scattered story thoughts.) 

I like this one from the Hallmark Store. 

New Pens

Your writer is going to need pens for that new notebook– or any notebook. Be warned: writers can become very particular about their pens, but we also always need them because we are forever losing them. If you know your writer’s favorite brand, obviously get that. If not I recommend the Stabilo fine tip pens. They write really nice and last forever and come in all sorts of fun colors. This is also a bonus if your shopping for an artist because they are amazing artist pens, too! 


It’s no secret that writers love tea and coffee, but I had to include this because there are always so many cute tea gift sets you can find almost anywhere! (The hot chocolate ones are also always nice to get.) 

I found this adorable tea gift box filled with little drops that are both tea and sugar! They call them tea drops and I kind of want to buy them to try them out because they look amazing!


Writers like food. We will always love you if you bring us food while we are working, especially if it’s sweet. Get your writer their favorite sweet treat and a cozy blanket or try this gift box I found with chocolate covered Oreos. Perfect for a cozy writing day! 

A Starbucks Gift Card

The coffee shop writer is a stereotype that actually rings true. I know myself and other writers I know personally get some of our best work done in Starbucks or small local coffee shops. If this is true for your writer, get them a Starbucks gift card or a reusable cup for when they curl up in the corner of the shop. 

If your writer isn’t that type of writer, maybe get them a pack of Starbucks coffee they can make at home! 


Hope that gave you some ideas on what to get for your favorite writer this holiday season! 

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2 Comments on “For Writers: Gift Guide | Blogmas 2018 Day 5

Lauren Becker
December 6, 2018 at 4:06 am

I know a friend of mine, who writes, would probably love a Starbucks gift card. Have you ever seen those notebooks that are classic novels that make up the lines? Here they are:


December 6, 2018 at 4:40 am

I spend A LOT of writing time at Starbucks. Especially because I live in a college town something about being in the cafe setting with other people working makes me more productive!

I haven’t seen those, but they are so cute! Adding that to my Christmas list immediately!


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