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April 6, 2019

Florida Wildlife | Travel Post

Hi Dreamers!

This is a continuation of my Florida travel series from this past Christmas to go visit Josie’s family. 


While we were there on Thursday because Josie had to work her dad, Lily and I went to go see the turtles at the Loggerhead Marine Life Center. (Click on the name to learn more and how you can help!) I love turtles so much and it was honestly one of my favorite things we did in Florida and I promised to go back some year when you can see the turtles hatch on the beach. I can’t wait! Baby turtles

The Loggerhead Marine Life Center does a lot of rehabilitation for turtles and is even named the “Turtle Hospital” among locals. I think my favorites we saw while there were a group of babies who were being treated for hypothermia. They were my favorites because they were found near Cape Cod (probably how they got hypothermia) and I felt a home state bond with them! They were also absolutely adorable!

Florida Beaches and Blowing Rock

Next we got caught in a Florida rain storm on the pier and then headed up to this place called blowing rock. Apparently when the water is strong enough it goes through the blow holes up to 50 ft in the air!


Right before our cruise on Saturday we all went to Manatee Lagoon at Port of Palm Beach to see the manatees (these are Josie’s favorites). The manatees naturally go into this little area between the docks because the water’s warm from the power plant. So they just built a conservation and learning center with an observation deck right there!

We saw a mom and two babies but they might be hard to spot on the pictures. Can you find them?


I think my favorite moment with the wildlife though was just the simple kayak trip Josie and I took with her mom on our last day. I scared a crane and we saw a pretty big gator, but it was really relaxing overall. Also, this Massachusetts girl learned if you don’t bother the gators while they’re sunbathing, they won’t bother you.

Have you had some special moments with wildlife lately? Tell me about them in the comments.

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