Brigid Downey

December 17, 2018

Christmas Poems | Blogmas 2018 Day 17

This blogmas we’ve talked about Christmas books and Christmas movies, but we haven’t touched on poems yet. And there are quite a bit of Christmas poems that I absolutely love. So let’s jump into it! 

Christmas Trees by Robert Frost

I love Robert Frost! He’s one of my all time favorite poets and his writing always makes me feel kind of serene– almost like the words float on air and just settle around me. I read Robert Frost when I want to feel peaceful and this poem did not disappoint. It’s a bit longer, but it’s cute and very festive as it’s all about Christmas trees and the spirit of giving!  

Christmas Mail by Ted Kooser 

We just finished our Christmas cards on Saturday and the things listed in this poem are pretty much what our coffee table looked like as we picked out cards for everyone. Christmas card have always been pretty important to me and I try to do them every year, so this poem was just what I needed. 

Mistletoe by Walter de La Mare

I love how ethereal this poem is as the speaker is almost in a dream-like state. I’ve never had mistletoe in my house or even seen it in real life, to be honest, but I want to so bad. This being my first Christmas with Josie and also being pagan (which is where the superstition around mistletoe came from)  I’m actually fascinated by mistletoe as well as holly and other Christmas plants. 

[little trees] by e.e.cummings

Okay, I actually love e.e. cummings for the way he messes with spacing to create punctuation. I always thought it was pretty ingenious while I was in school and so I had to include one of his poems. This poem reminds me of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree which in turn reminds me of my grandpa who was always a huge supporter of my writing and especially loved my poetry. It might have quite a bit of a different interpretation for me, but I think that is part of the magic of reading. 

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost

And finally, my last, but most favorite wintery poem. I’m aware it’s not Christmas and that I already did Robert Frost and that this particular poem is super cliche, but I love it so much. It goes back to what I was saying about Frost just feeling serene and peaceful. He captures the feeling of being in the middle of a snowstorm when everything around you is silent and still except the snow. And he does it without once mentioning that. It’s by far my favorite winter poem and I had to include it.

Do you have any favorite winter or holiday poems? Let me know below! 

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