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The Superlatives Book Tag!

Hi Dreamers! It’s graduation season and with that comes yearbook superlatives! So in true book blogger fashion and in honor of my sister’s high school graduation this Thursday and Josie’s sister’s high school graduation last week I’m doing the Book Superlatives Book Tag! This tag was created by Chelsea on […]

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Black Dagger Brotherhood: The Insider’s Guide | Book Review

Father Mine Let’s talk about the short story Father Mine, first. Okay… squeeee! This short story revolves around Bella giving birth and Z’s relationship with their daughter, Nalla, just… I’m a sucker for babies. I’m also a sucker for Zsadist, he and Rhage are my absolute favorite characters! Also, big […]

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6 Books Coming Out in 2019 I’m Excited For

Books with Lights

I was scrolling through the Goodreads 2019 releases lists and found some really awesome books that I cannot wait to pre-order! I took six books that looked the most interesting to me and put them in a neat little post for you all!

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What Christmas Means to Me | Blogmas 2018 Day 24

Today, since I’ve talked about historical Christmas, my own traditions, and my Yule traditions, I thought I’d take a day to tell you all what this all means to me. Why is Christmas special to me? I’ve been thinking about it a lot this year being in a new place and having new traditions, both from my future in-laws and ones that Josie and I created together. I felt more Christmas spirit this past year than I have in a while and I think that’s because I’ve really taken a moment to ask myself which traditions mean more to me and which can change. 

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eBook vs. Paper Books | My take on the debate

I’ve wanted to do this post for a while and it’s been sitting in my backlogs. I figured blogmas was the perfect time to do this (if nothing else than I’m running out of Christmas themed ideas). And I thought it would be interesting to do this topic because most of the time I’m pretty neutral about it. I have some pros and cons to each format which I’ll outline and I lean towards one (that you will have to read to the end to find out), but most of the time it’s whatever works.

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Favorite Christmas Movies | Blogmas 2018 Day 11

A few days ago I did my favorite Christmas themed books, but what we really look forward to during the holidays are Christmas movies. From the classics to the cheesy Hallmark movies it’s something that a lot of families look forward to every year and sometimes it’s even a very important tradition. So here are my top 10 Christmas movies (in order).

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Jodie Whittaker: The New Doctor | Companions

On October 7th fans of Doctor Who LOST THEIR MINDS when Jodie Whittaker took to the screen as the 13th Doctor. When she was announced to be the first female incarnation of the beloved character there were VERY mixed reactions; however, she seems to have won most fans hearts over with her quirky mannerisms and general talent. And while I agree with most fans reactions of her, I have some reservations about some other things from the season premiere.

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