Brigid Downey

January 17, 2021

Body Love Resources

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Earlier I posted a post on ditching your New Years’ diet and why diet culture sucks and I realized my resource list was just too long for the bottom of that blog post. I decided to make a resource page that I (and you) can link back to of body-positive, fat-liberation, and anti-diet resources to get you started. (Feel free to add more in the comments and I’ll try to keep this page updated!)

Resources for Your Body Love Journey

My Posts

Here are my own posts about stuff happening in the body positivity community or my own body love journey:


Interesting Articles

Books I’m Reading

These links are affiliate links so if you use them to buy any of the books I gain a small commission that helps keep this blog going!

Informative Websites

Informative Instagrams to Follow

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