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June 3, 2019

Black Dagger Brotherhood: Lover Mine | Review

Content Warning: Violence, Drug use, alcohol use, and talk of sexual abuse.

Hi Dreamers!

Okay so… ahhhhhh I love John Mathew. I do not care that he is a fearsome vampire warrior nearly twice my size he is a sweet baby angel and I adore him!

John is mute and communicates via ASL and sometimes lip reading. Since we met John WAAAY back in Lover Eternal when he joined the world of the Brotherhood with Mary and Bella, he has truly come into his own. Both as a full grown vampire male and all the strength and brooding that comes with that, but also in his own self-worth. This is a totally different John then we started with and he’s amazingly complex and vibrant. (And he’s still a sweet angel in my eyes because I’m a very maternal person and I feel very deeply about characters!)

John’s link to the Brotherhood is through his half sister, Beth, the queen. Growing up among humans, just like she did, neither of them knew their father, Darrius, even existed until they were very close to their transitions. John comes to the Brotherhood with his two best friends, Quinn and Blaylock (also my sweet angels!) who show up quite a bit in this book as they struggle with their love for each other through pining and lack of communication with John stuck in the middle.

John deals with quite a lot more than annoying best friends, though. His relationship with Thor plays a huge role as an adoptive father/ son dynamic as they struggle through their mutual mourning of Wellsie, Thor’s mate who passed away and the only mother figure John’s ever known.

At the beginning of Lover Mine John is angry, alone, and near his breaking point when the unrequited love of his life, Xhex, is kidnapped (what is with women getting kidnapped in these books?!) and he is determined to save her even if she doesn’t thank him.

Xhex on the other hand is determined to save herself. She is far from her breaking point as she fights for her life with everything she has, which is a lot. Xhex is feisty and honestly the strongest women we’ve met so far in these books. She kicks ass and takes names and has worked as a body guard for Rhevenge for decades. But she has her own secrets that make her a multi faceted and strong-willed character.

John and Xhex are on fire in this installment as are the relationships around them guiding them through this book. This is probably my absolute favorite so far and John, Xhex, Quinn, and Blay are two of my all time favorite characters ever! Can’t wait for Quinn and Blay’s book!


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