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Jodie Whittaker: The New Doctor | Companions

On October 7th fans of Doctor Who LOST THEIR MINDS when Jodie Whittaker took to the screen as the 13th Doctor. When she was announced to be the first female incarnation of the beloved character there were VERY mixed reactions; however, she seems to have won most fans hearts over with her quirky mannerisms and general talent. And while I agree with most fans reactions of her, I have some reservations about some other things from the season premiere.

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Series Review: Blue Bloods

So Blue Bloods itself was a really interesting series de la Cruz has an interesting take on her vampire mythology by making them fallen angels and by the end of the series I was on the edge of my seat- a lot different reaction then my review to the pilot book. I felt the characters became more interesting and fleshed out, the story was completely saturated in extensive and detailed world building, and it was a vivid and actually great series to read.

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My Beauty Routine

I have very sensitive skin and very curly Irish frizzy hair, a lot of times (especially when I worked at a drug store) I would get people who ask me what I recommend for unmanageable hair and skin. So I thought it would be the perfect post for back to school! I’m in no way a beauty blogger and this is all what I’ve found works for me through trial and error. Here we go!

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What’s on my to-read list?

Some links on my blog are affiliate links which means I might get a commission from qualifying purchases you make on them at no extra cost to you. For more information see my Privacy Policy. I’m starting a new series! In order to make an effort to make time to […]

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In Defense of Rainbow Mickey Ears

Last month Disney released their Rainbow Love Mickey Ears from the new Rainbow Mickey Collection. (image from elitedaily) Some people absolutely loved this new development (me included). It can’t be denied that any effort to acknowledge and celebrate the LGBTQ community has the potential to make a positive impact. https://t.co/drDcrCICZU […]

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