Brigid Downey

October 14, 2019

Adventure Awaits: Washington Island

Hi Dreamers,

I know I missed a few days of Blogtober/ Bookending Autumn. My computer is on it’s last leg and it’s been really acting up so I don’t know if I’m going to be able to do every day like I planned. It takes twenty minutes just to copy and paste, but the good news is that Black Friday is next month so I’m getting a new laptop then!

Continuing on my tour of Door County was Washington Island. We went there early in the morning on the second day and drove our car onto the ferry to get there. On the way up I napped because it was so dang early and eventually we were driving on to the island. 

The first thing we did was find a lavender farm because it was the number one thing I wanted to do in Door County. We found a lavender farm and lucky for us the lavender was in full bloom and enough of it was out that we got to pick our own. 

Guys, I’ve lived near Salem, MA my entire life and this was by far the MOST witchy thing I’ve ever done. They told us how to dry it, which I did when I got home (in my craft closet away from the cat) and put the buds in a mason jar on my alter with a few stalks next to them in a pretty bottle. 

The coolest thing at the lavender farm was we were there on a perfect day for watching them make essential oils out of the lavender. As an aromatherapy obsessed girl that was so so cool! 

We eventually left the relaxation of the farm for a drive up to Schoolhouse Beach. This beach features perfectly smooth stones in the middle of Lake Michigan. The water was FREEZING but the stones and history was so cool. I also got to make my own rock pile like you see in yoga all the time. 

Coming back down the island we stopped at an old Norse church. Guys. This old wooden building is so cool. It’s been a wonder to me since I came to Wisconsin how much of the Swedish, Norse, and German culture has stayed rooted out here, especially in these small towns and hidden gem places. 

This church had the most incredible vibe and energy about it where you could feel the history. The carving and aricutecture was and still is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Washington Island itself was also unlike anything I’ve ever seen or could explain in such a short blog post. 

We headed back on the ferry and this time I stood up top and took in the view of the Island and the Great Lake that honestly looked like the ocean. 

If you’re ever in the Midwest I recommend a day on Washington Island where life seems to make you stand still and take notice of little wonders. It was definitely a spiritual experience in more ways than one.

What adventures have you been on lately? Let me know below!

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