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October 5, 2019

Adventure Awaits: Door County Ghost Tour | Blogoween 2019

Hi dreamers!

I’ve got a travel post for you today about the ghost trolly tour we went on in Door County back in August! Because it’s Halloween month I thought it would be really appropriate (and also we did so much in Door County I’m still talking about it).

On our second night, we went to the Door County Trolly company and did their ghost tour. We did buy tickets in advance and I would 100% recommend you do that because it was packed!

Spooky Tales

Our tour guide was pretty awesome with his grim reaper costume and we were in an actual trolly. Josie and I got to sit up front right by the window as we started to wind onto the dirt roads with creepy organ music in the back.

We visited over five locations, four of which you get out of the trolly and actually explore and heard numerous stories. We heard stories about shipwrecks in Lake Michigan which apparently used to be plenty which I never knew. We visited some historical landmarks and explored an old house turned museum. They took us into a state park to visit an old graveyard and a very spooky lighthouse. And we got to see beautiful Door County on a late summer evening.

Even if you’re not into the paranormal, the tour was ripe with true crime stories and historical facts. The Door County Trolly Company also has other tours, and if you’re super into true crime they have a Murder and Mayhem tour which I hear is just as fun.

Still not your thing? They also have wine and cider tours, brunch tours, scenic tours, lighthouse tours, a haunted pub crawl, holiday sleigh rides, and more. Seriously, they do it all.

My favorite part of the tour wasn’t even the ghost stories, but the ride back to the trolly station. Our tour guide did a bit of spooky trivia by having us guess songs on a haunted playlist! (I was the only one who got Grim Grinning Ghosts from the haunted mansion, are you surprised?)

Overall, the over two-hour tour was well worth the $32 per person. We had a ton of fun and would highly recommend these spooky stories and legends.

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